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CrossFit Tidewater delivers the CrossFit program exactly as it is intended. The stimulus provided are by design, constantly varied, using functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Our specialty is not specializing and our goal is constant progress. The community is welcoming, and is one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking maximal health and fitness. Whether you are an ELITE athlete, actively participating in sports, playing with your kids, or simply wanting to be healthier and more mobile, we strive to provide the highest level of training that will help you achieve your goals.

March 20th 2021

For Time (with a Partner)
Part A:
1 mile Run
30 Clean-and-Jerks (135/95 lb)
30 Bar Muscle-Ups
Part B:
100 calorie Air Bike
30 Burpees
9 Rope Climbs






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I did a drop in at CrossFit Tidewater today. The entire staff was awesome, the gym was a great size, well organized and clean. The coaches made me feel welcome as if I was a regular member. This is exactly what I was looking for. They are living up to the CrossFit name and making it all about the community. Great Job.

William Krukowski

My two year anniversary with CFT is coming up this spring/summer, I've been with them since the very beginning when we only had like 40 members. I'm always happy when I'm here and love the people that surround me!

Samantha Hathcock


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Come Check out our Tide Tribe, only $125 for CrossFit & More in Chesapeake

CrossFit in Chesapeake

We are the Best Gym in Chesapeake for High Intensity Workouts. You can choose between CrossFit and F.I.T. Boot Camp at one location. We are the only gym around Chesapeake to give you so many choices. What is your goal? Are you looking to get stronger, lose weight, get in shape, or just get healthy again? The answer to your fitness goal is the same. Find a High Intensity Training program at a Gym you will enjoy and can attend 3 to 7 times per week

Our facility serves people who live and work around Chesapeake. Our Gym offers over 40 class times per week on the schedule. You won’t find more flexibility to get your workout in than at our Fitness Facility anywhere in Virginia. We have CrossFit workouts 7 days per week and F.I.T. Boot Camp workouts 6 days per week. Our first class starts at 5:30am and our last class finishes at 7:30pm. We have the High Intensity Training Program you’re looking for.

World Class Coaches near Chesapeake

A gym is only as good as its coaches. At our gym in Chesapeake, we are lucky to have some of Virginia’s best fitness coaches calling CrossFit Tidewater home. Join us for a workout with a coach who cares about YOUR success.

Our coaches in Chesapeake are highly educated specialists in Weight Loss, Nutrition, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Boot Camp, Rowing, Running, Cycling & more. From the first time you arrive in our gym, you will notice our level of dedication. We provide the right amount of motivation and experience, without being “too close for comfort”. With our varied backgrounds and specialties, you will find an experience unparalleled in our area. We have over 90 positive reviews so far, making us Chesapeake’s #1 gym for High Intensity Training workouts. Come see the difference our dedicated coaches near Chesapeake create.

Perfect Location

CrossFit Tidewater is located in Chesapeake,VA. Our Gym is tucked in the Cavalier Industrial Park, off Military Hwy South. You can take I-64 to Military Hwy exit, come into the Cavalier Industrial Park, take Cook Blvd on your left side and we are just past the railroad tracks on the right hand side. We proudly fly a CrossFit flag on the street entrance to our parking lot. We serve anyone living or traveling around the Deep Creek, Bowers Hill, Western Branch areas of Chesapeake, and Portsmouth Naval Hospital area in Portsmouth. Our convenient location right off I-64 makes us accessible to several areas also including Norfolk and Suffolk.


Incredible Facility

Our 7,000 sq. ft. location at  CrossFit Tidewater is one of Chesapeake, Virginia’s largest premier CrossFit locations. Our Gym has 2 large garage bay doors, a huge ceiling 24 foot Big Ass Fan ™ for optimal air circulation, open design and layout for maximum workout space, top of the line Rogue ™ equipment, and just about every toy available, We also have upgraded in our new location to have upscale bathroom and shower facilities. There isn’t a better place for your CrossFit workouts anywhere around the Chesapeake areas. We spared no expense to bring the very best equipment and facility around.

History of CrossFit

CrossFit was formally established in 2000 by Greg Glassman. By 2005 there were 13 affiliate gyms. Because of the incredible results people have seen, there are now over 8,800 CrossFit affiliate gyms worldwide, making it the largest fitness organization in the world. How do you argue with those results? One of the best articles, published by “The Box” magazine, outlines the history of CrossFit. One of CrossFit’s largest strengths is that it is scalable and usable by anyone at any age. There are 80 year old people using CrossFit to stay healthy, 350lb + people using CrossFit to lose weight, and 5 year old children using it to learn about fitness. Even the US Military uses the methodology to train it’s Special Forces.

A simple way to sum it up. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman realized that specializing in one athletic domain meant losing the ability of the athlete to perform in others. Think of the strength capacity of a marathon runner, or the endurance capacity of a power lifter? They gave up one capacity for another. Greg’s goal was to determine the “Best methodology to determine and produce the fittest humans on the plant”. His discovery was that by mixing the best training disciplines of other sports, we could become the best and most fit versions of ourselves. What is athleticism? It is being able to perform optimally in the following modal domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

CrossFit is the most effective way to do this, in the least amount of time. 8,800 gyms and hundreds of thousands of people can’t be wrong. If you are in or near Chesapeake or the surrounding area come join a CrossFit Gym who values you as an individual and wants to help you achieve your goals.

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