A. Back Squat- 1 Rep Max

*We have completed the 12-week squat program, and today you will have an opportunity to test for a new max Back Squat. Warm-up and take as many attempts as needed. If you complete this portion and there is still time in class, complete the midline work in part B.

** 12-Week Squat Program Recap- We have seen impressive improvements in everyone’s squat mobility and strength throughout this program. As a result, there have been some big PR’s. From finding gyms to get squats in on vacation, while traveling, or rearranging your day to make sure you get the work in, it has been awesome to see you all dedicate yourselves to the process. We will be going through some testing for the next 2 weeks before we begin our next 4-week strict gymnastics cycle. More details to come on that.

B. Accessory work (Not for Time)

3 Rounds:

30 Back Extensions

30 GHD Sit-ups

20/ Side Floor Wipers


[youtube height=”450″ width=”900″][/youtube]

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