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CFT Weekly Coaches Blog

By April 12, 2015 Weekly Coach Blog

Celebrate your Accomplishments!

I love to see, hear and read about what others have accomplished. However, most of the time I log onto facebook and read… “I wish I had..”, “If only I…”, “I’m mad that I…”. Well to say it nicely, this pisses me off. Why? Because I know how hard you work in and out of the gym and I see where so many of you have come from, the things you couldn’t do a year, a month or even a week ago.

I think it is great that you know where you have weaknesses and know where you need to improve, but what about the positive? You may not have had the perfect ______ (fill in the blank), but you may have ran the entire 200, 400, etc for the first time, or lifted 5 more lbs than you had in the past. These little accomplishments lead up to the big ones and without some failures we will not have success. What should you do if you “can’t” do something? (I hate that word by the way) TRY, this is what you can do. You never now if you do not atleast TRY.

This weekend I had the pleasure of running a 5k, this was not my first 5k, but it was for my running partner. We ran the entire thing without stopping. Did we have the best time? No. Do we think we could do better? Maybe…. But when we ran around the final corner and picked up speed, she said “I think I am going to cry” I was quite emotional as well, to be able to run across the finish line as we celebrated this accomplishmentand and I was proud that she could also celebrate, she did not say anything negative and I think this alone was another great accomplishment.

I left the race and went to watch some of our athletes compete in their first weightlifting competition and although they did not stand on the podium at the end I know that they accomplished so much, there were some missed lifts and some PRs, but in the end they were happy to be able to get up on that stage and compete and do the best that they could. Celebrating yet another accomplishment.

Each and everyday that you step foot in CFT you are accomplishing something, it may be small but you are doing more than you did yesterday and this makes me proud to call myself your coach (I know the other coaches feel the same way). Negativity will only hinder those accomplishments. Hold your head up high and say “I did it”, Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how big or small.

~Coach Sarah





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