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    “Eat Real Food, Don’t Eat $#@*!”

    Every week someone comes to us asking for diet advice.

    “Should I go Paleo?”
    “What diet should I go on?”
    “Tell me about the Zone diet?
    “What should I eat to lose weight?”

    There are many ideas about this subject, but there is not a one size fits all solution. Diet is personal & individual. What works for one person may not work for the next. There are some key points that all healthy diets contain. Our blanket diet advice is “Eat Real Food, Don’t eat $#@*!”.


    1. Start by cutting out sugar.  Refined sugar, sweeteners, sweets, candy, almost every processed food contains sugar.  Sugar will kill you.
    2. Cut out processed foods.  If it comes in a box or has an ingredient list, it’s not Real Food.  Base your diet on lean meats, organic or garden vegetables, some fruit, seeds, nuts, little starch and no sugar.  Real food is persishable.  Real food doesn’t come in a box.  Look around the perimeter of the store.
    3. Keep food consumption at levels that facilitate exercise, but don’t support body fat.  Loosely close your fist and look at it.  Do you see that small fist in front of you?  That is the amount of food your stomach can hold.  Eat more than that and you’re eating too much.
    4. Cook, experiment, and have fun creating recipes using these ingredients and different spices.  There are a ton of great websites out there with recipes.
    5. Make it YOUR mission to eat healthy.  You’re going to eat between 21 & 35 meals per week.  Don’t go crazy if you have 1 bad meal out of 21.  The problem is eating 10 bad meals out of 21.

    Ask us for more nutrition advice.  We’re happy to help.  We also provide FREE nutrition workshops for our members.  We’re here to help you stay healthy & have fun getting there.



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