If you want to be successful at crossfit, just remember the 3 Fs…

Form- You can’t be successful completing any WODs without making sure you are using proper form. Not using proper form can result in injury and a long time out of the gym. Work on form whenever you can and listen to your coaches. That’s why they are there! You’re only setting yourself up for success by taking the time to work on form.

Fitness- Don’t feel upset if you can’t do what’s on the board. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in crossfit. Work with the coaches, start with the modifications, and set a goal to complete the moves/exercises another time! You’re going to get a great workout in regardless! You’re working on a better, more fit you! Trust me! Modifications to your exercises will not rob you of a great workout!

Finish- Who cares if you’re not doing RX? Who cares if you’re first or last on the WODs?! What matters is that you don’t quit on yourself and you FINISH! Very important to remember that if you want to be successful. Don’t look around and watch what other people are doing! Their scores don’t help you, nor do they show how much you’ve improved. The only score that matters next to your name is yours so make sure you finish! You don’t like ur score? That should be you number one goal when you walk in everyday. Finish the workout! You know you can do it. And once you have, it’s very rewarding all on its own. And that’s why crossfit is all about!

Thank you for helping me fulfill my 3 Fs Crossfit Tidewater! Without your care and keen coaching, I wouldn’t have been successful throughout my entire pregnancy without your coaching and devotion!

– Cheryl

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