After Dudley and I married in 2003, our focus was mainly on taking care of our kids, work and our home.

DanAndDudWe had very little time for going to the gym.  When the kids went to college, we found more time on our hands and started going to a nearby gym. Although body weight was never a serious problem for either of us, we would have benefited by losing a few pounds.  For various reasons over the years, we moved from one gym membership to the next. As we became bored with the usual gym scene and not really losing weight we heard about a gym concept called CrossFit. Curious, skeptical and somewhat unsure of myself, I entered the CrossFit Tidewater gym.

I was immediately greeted by Shari, a CrossFit coach.  Shari truly made me feel welcome to the gym. She introduced me to Sarah who showed me how to do an exercise called front squats. I was surprised by the precision required to correctly accomplish this movement.  Inspired by the challenge, I went home and convinced Dudley to come to the gym with me the next day. After just three months of CrossFit training and completing several challenging WODs, I lost 25 pounds and was starting to see muscle!  Dudley dropped two clothing sizes in the same amount of time.  We have been attending our CrossFit Tidewater gym for over two years now. We are stronger and have more endurance than when we began and our eating habits are healthier. We look forward to working out with our CrossFit family several times each week. The CrossFit concept along with Shari, Sarah, Mike and all the dedicated CrossFit coaches’ sincerity and knowledge has had a positive impact on our lives.  We are fortunate to have found them.

– Dan

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