Some people join CrossFit for health reasons, some for fun but for me it was to reinvent myself…..

Samantha2 Through the darkest chapter in my life. When I first came to CFT, I had no confidence in myself or my ability to get stronger emotionally or physically. After my first WOD the pressure of heavy plates bouncing off the floor and people grunting and yelling terrified me and I wasn’t sure if I could come back … “I’m not meant for this, why am I here, I’m so weak compared to the others.”

Somehow I pressed on and found myself sucked into a lifestyle I NEVER imagined! After countless sore and restless nights from rough WODS I realized I was getting stronger, better and dare I say confident. I have cried in this box, shed blood in this box, failed in this box and seen victory in this box and I can say that without Crossfit and my CFT family I wouldn’t be the positive influence on my 3 year old that I am now and most definitely not a “strong mom” overcoming weaknesses that hold me back.

Crossfit will break you, make you and take everything from you mentally but it will build you back up and you won’t ever live another day of your life the same. Come ready to give everything and to even walk away defeated… After all that is the only way you will push yourself to be better, stronger, and faster.

– Samantha H

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