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CrossFit Tidewater offers InBody testing. Pricing is $40 for non-members with $25 for retest. The testing is easy, quick and accurate. You get a printout with your results and a guide to understanding the output.

What may finally be the best of all worlds, the InBody is a machine that combines the ease-of-use of a bio-electrical impedance device with the accuracy of hydro-static weighing. In testing the InBody correlated with the hydro-static results with 98 percent agreement.

Which test should I trust when measuring body fat?

The process involves standing on a metal platform and holding onto two handles for about one minute. In addition to your body fat percentage, the InBody can tell you where your fat is stored and where you have water collecting in your body (edema), which can be a sign of injury or inflammation. It will also measure your RMR, BMR, and relative strength of each of your limbs.

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