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October 21, 2017

By October 20, 2017wod

WOD (8:30am)
Strength/Skill work
Clean and Jerk Work
Clean Pull 3×5
High Jerk 3×5
Clean and Jerk 7×1

200m farmers carry (53/35)
20 deficit pushups on KB
10 Push Jerks (53/35)

WOD (9:30am)
Teams of 4
Odd object team carry
One bar (95/75), two kettle bells (53/35
one medicine ball (20/14), one slam ball (30/20)
Team will carry all objects the the first corner of the building and do
1 round of
20 push press
20 kettlebell swings
20 partner ball toss (each)
20 ball slam
then move the next corner and repeat till back to gym  (4 corners and then back to the garage doors)

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