Crossfit Coach

Sarah started CrossFit in summer of 2011. She quickly fell in love with the sport and especially the CrossFit Community. Sarah found herself wanting to learn everything possible about CrossFit and help others learn and grow. She has always had a passion for teaching others. Sarah was a local high school teacher and she previously coached Gymnastics at Oscar Smith High School and Grassfield High School for 8 years. Don’t let that teacher persona fool you, while she can help you get in a handstand or do a double under, she cannot add the weights. PRs have happened on multiple occasions because Sarah was in charge of adding weights and suddenly there was “more than we thought” on the bar.

Gymnastics is Sarah’s strength in the gym, but don’t underestimate her lifts; a girl can squat!!!  Small but mighty ….

Level 1 CrossFit in October 2012
CrossFit Kids in January 2013
CrossFit Olympic Lifting in September 2013