Crossfit Coach

Shari started CrossFit in fall of 2011, immediately falling in love with the strength training and Olympic lifting aspects of the sport. She had been a distance runner for a few years prior to joining a local box and had fairly good cardio, but like many girls had never lifted heavy weights and was intrigued by the skill needed to be successful. The sense of community in the box and at local competitions is what drives her to do more for the sport! She loves coaching and her passion is visible during WODs.

Heavy lifting continues to be one of her passions in the gym.

Level 1 CrossFit in July 2012
CrossFit Movement and Mobility in December 2012
CrossFit Kids in January 2013
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification in September 2013
CrossFit Endurance in March 2014
CrossFit Gymnastics in October 2014
Level 2 CrossFit in December 2014