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By March 1, 2015 Weekly Coach Blog

Me Time, A Balancing Act

Who doesn’t love a little ME time, if it’s going shopping, getting a pedicure, going to the gym or just being alone. As a mother of two I feel like I need ME time more often, but I always felt guilty for doing something for myself and not including the entire family and especially the kids.

I finally figured out that ME time was not just about me, but it was for the sanity of the entire family. A few summers ago I remember playing outside with the kids and they wanted to race. We raced to the stop sign about 25 yards away. I was completely out of breath and was done playing at that point so I went inside feeling depressed. I had been feeling blah and did not like what I saw in the mirror but tried to ignore it. But this day was different and I decided I wanted to make a change. I tried many different things, such as the Y, Zumba, you name it I tried it, but I always did it alone. Then, I found a Groupon for CrossFit and the real journey began. I started and loved it, the environment, the workout, the feeling of accomplishment. As soon as I was done I felt guilty, guilty for spending the money, guilty for leaving the kids with a sitter, just guilty and a little sad that I was disappointing someone. I kept telling myself it was good and to not give up on what I wanted for ME.

I discovered that I was not sad because of what I was doing to the family, I was sad that I pushed myself to the back burner and let myself get to this point. I was so worried about the family I did not think of myself, I did not friends that I spent time with and no hobbies I did nothing for ME. The time I was spending with my family was not quality time because I as not happy with myself and I was constantly frustrated with them and didn’t know why.

Along the way I not only found a workout I loved, but I made friends that were on the same journey as me. I would go to the gym early to chat with friends and stay after to hang out and cheer the next class on. As soon as I let go and enjoyed myself I discovered I was actually a better mom and wife. I enjoyed my time with the family more and I was not getting frustrated with them as easily. Why?  Because I had something for ME and I appreciated them so much more. I had a place to call my own, I was taking control of my life. It is still a balancing act to get in ME time, but I found that it is just as important as family time. This is what I determined: If you are confident and proud of the person that you are you will be a better person to the ones in your life. Do I still feel guilty?  Occasionally… but that is the life of a mother. Mostly though I am proud to be a role model for my children, to cherish the time we are together and to be confident in the person that I am and who I will continue to be.

Make time for YOU and EVERYONE will Benefit!

~Coach Sarah

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