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By March 8, 2015 Weekly Coach Blog

As I was traveling today, I started to think about how the Open has impacted our athletes.  Many of you have eperienced PRs and already surpassed your own expectations; some of you remain frustrated with the options and I can see you questioning why you even signed up.  I can tell you that as I watched many of you work out on Friday night, I could also see how much of an inspiration each of you are to everyone else in the gym.  From a coach’s perspective, I am thrilled with every PR as it validates my job and I know that I am at least doing things right, sometimes :).  As an outsider looking in, you are amazing and your heart and soul is inspiring to me and everyone else who is cheering you on from the sidelines: first T2B, PRs on the Clean and Jerk, pullups, CTB, and this is just week 2!!!  Doing these workouts should be fun and remember that as you put yourself out there, in front of your peers, weaknesses exposed, you are an inspiration to someone else.  You are coming out of that shell, growing as an athlete and paving the path for CrossFit Open 2016 for your peers who were not sure they were ready this year – watching you makes them ready! They want those cheers and the PRs!!  For those of you supporting all the Open participants, keep those cheers loud, they need all your love.  They blossom with every cheer and know that you also have an important role to play as supporter and encourager.  This role means the world to those of us in the Open.  Without your encouragement and support, we wouldn’t and couldn’t do what we do.

So keep on motivating everyone else in the gym, just by putting yourself out there, kicking butt everyday in the gym and supporting each other all the time. Don’t beat yourself up over one WOD and don’t stress about the workouts.  I see our gym growing in spirit becasue of Open. HAVE FUN with it, it’s meant to be a good time and remember – don’t sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff ….

Mike and I are catering this Friday night with his famous Pork Butt and roasted chicken.  Please RSVP to the event here

Also, I am planning for the final 15.5 Open throwdown with a themed party as well – get your best 80s workout costume ready for action.  Best costume wins a prize!! That will be March 27 Open.

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