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By April 5, 2015Weekly Coach Blog


You cannot out-train a bad diet! We have all heard this before and we know this to be true. I believe the main reason is because you cannot reach your potential or your peak if you are attempting to do so with the wrong foods, lack of foods and untimely consumption of foods. Most of us at CFT are not professional athletes and our bodies are not conditioned to burn calories in the same way as they do. We have to fuel our bodies with the proper ratio of protein and carbohydrates, with small amounts of fats, based on our metabolism and body composition. This fueling also helps our recovery and sleep which is so important to feeling awesome every day in the gym. This sometimes requires some trial and error, monitoring your food intake and adjusting as we see results. It’s a proven science and there is a great deal of study around it to support the results. Recently Sarah and I have started following the Eat To Perform (ETP) methodology for fat loss and increased performance in the gym. I personally have seen huge improvements in both my “game” and my fat loss. It’s not always easy, but when you stick to it, it works. Counting the macros (proteins, carbs and fats) can be a total pain and time consuming but at the end of the day it provides a very clear picture of your trouble areas and enables you to map out a path for success. In a few weeks I plan on having another nutrition class and kick off another challenge in the gym. I hope you will consider participating this time around.

The 5-week challenge results are IN! Out of 14 people who reported fat and/or weight loss, I am reporting a total of 99 pounds and over 14.15% body fat. ALMOST 100 POUNDS LOST?????? I am amazed and thrilled by the results and all this from simply monitoring, logging and be responsible with your food choices. Not Paleo, not less food, not hungry all the time … just the right foods at the right time to fuel your workouts and recovery! Success!! Please keep up your fitness journey by continuing to log and track your macro intake and kick ass in the gym every day!! 🙂

On that note, I am proud to announce our winners
Female: First place –> It’s a Tie – Kristi and Cindy, very close second and third to Traci and Misty!
Male: First place –> Dave Mast, very close second and third to Dave L and Jeff (literally all 1 point difference)

The top female and male winners split the pot and get $100 for first place wins!! Congrats!

~Coach Shari

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