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Don’t sweat the petty stuff …

As I was lifting weights this morning, my mind went to the open and I started thinking about it coming up this week and I started wondering why more people were not signed up from our gym – less than 20% of our members. The Open is for everyone – it’s a chance to put yourself out there – compare yourself to the rest of the world, no matter your level or how long you have been crossfitting – it’s a time for PRs, to feel proud, to uncover major weaknesses that will evidently leave you hungry for next year.  Don’t sweat the petty stuff like hspu, pistols, double-unders … maybe you will get your first one during the Open! SIGN UP already!

This will be my third open and even though I am nowhere near a Games athlete, every training day I think about what that would really be like, how it would feel to actually make it past the Open;  I know it’s possible, I just have to train harder (and get those damn muscle ups).  With the help of my amazing coach, I have come a long way since last year, so I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  Excited to get started and nervous to do these workouts alongside my people – I don’t want to disappoint and I have high expectations for myself.  Most importantly I want to inspire other people to do things outside their comfort zone – the Open is not comfortable people!  But it’s a challenge; it’s fun; and it’s for everyone!

Heading into this week, I have to remind myself to not get too worked up about it – don’t sweat the petty stuff.  We have a guy at our gym who writes motivational notes to himself on the small whiteboards just before a WOD: “Go Faster”, “One more rep”, “Never quit” are just a few I have seen.  I love this!!  Friday night when I do Open workout 15.1, I will be thinking “Don’t sweat the petty stuff”… it’s not the end of the world if I don’t do great, it’s just for fun, it’s a great challenge, and it builds community.  Just go out there and have fun! Sign up for the open, enjoy some friendship and cheers on Friday night with your gym mates and don’t sweat the petty stuff … pet the sweaty stuff?  – I of course mean give sweaty high fives after the workout is over 😉

I am catering Chipotle Friday night for the first Open WOD.  Please RSVP here if you plan on attending.  I am paying for the athletes signed up to compete with CFT for the Open, if you are not signed up for the Open but still want to enjoy Chipotle, it’s a $5 buy in to enjoy the buffet! You MUST RSVP by end of day Wednesday.

~Coach Shari

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