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By March 29, 2015Weekly Coach Blog

CrossFit Open Reflection

I have had the opportunity to complete the CrossFit Open 3 years in a row and to say it gets better each year would be an understatement. I distinctly remember the 1st year like it was yesterday, CFT was under construction and we had minimal equipment. A few our of Plank Owners, Shari and I completed many of the WODs between construction phases. Adjusting to make the WODs meet the guidelines, we pushed each other and laughed with each other and had a great time. Year 2, we grew in numbers and continued to cheer one another on and see progress from our members.

Year 3: 2015 CrossFit Open has been such a great time, watching everyone complete the wods was truly inspiring and motivating. I anxiously awaited the announcement each Thursday night hoping I didn’t kill the legs, shoulders or other body parts earlier in the week (sorry for those weeks that I did, It’s Dave Castros fault, not mine!). When Friday rolled around I was so excited to have the opportunity to judge my fellow athletes. We had athletes from the teens to the 60s competing in the open, but when I looked around each and every week I never saw the age, I only saw ATHLETES, each and every person showed nothing but pure determination and put in 110%.  This is what I love about the Open and CrossFit in general; in the gym we are all equal, we all come in to improve ourselves and to become better for ourselves and along the way we garner long term friendships with those that have a shared interest. So many people I would not have become friends with if it wasn’t for CrossFit, I now not only call them my friends, but my family.

I loved that failure was not an option. If there was a movement someone could not do, I CAN’T wasn’t what I heard, but I WILL TRY and many completed their first. First Muscle Ups, First Handstand Push ups, and First on a weight.

Words can not express how proud I am of each and every member and I know Shari and Mike feel the same way. This goes for those that officially competed in the Open as well as all the members. Even if you did not sign up for the open you completed many of the WODs, you helped judge others, you supported one another, you overcame fears, you had PRs.  YOU did it!

I love the comraderie the open solidifies at CFT and look forward to many more social events and ready to continue training for 2016. I know I will never make it to the CrossFit Games, but that is not necessarily the goal. What is the goal?  That is the question.  What is YOUR goal?  We want to help you reach those goals!

~Coach Sarah

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